• Kristen has played a crucial role in my journey to regain my health after a six year battle with chronic Lyme Disease. Through Kristen’s nutritional and herbal expertise and established referral for complimentary ozone therapy treatments, I am feeling the best I have in over seven years! If you are looking for, or are in need of someone that is every bit as committed to your health as you are, I highly recommend connecting with Kristen! Thank you for all you have done for me, and my family!
    — Randy - Shady Grove Farm U.P.
  • My medical history includes many bouts of diverticulitis and polymyalgia rheumatica. I was also uncomfortable and unable to wean off prednisone. With Kristen's excellent guidance and advice utilizing nutrition and herbs, I have tapered off prednisone (to my physician's delight), my polymyalgia is very manageable, the diverticulitis has not reoccured, I have lost 13 pounds, am exercising regularly, and have not felt better in many years. Thank you so much, Kristen.
    — Susan
  • As a member of the American Herbalists Guild Professional Admissions Committee, I have reviewed the qualifications of many herbalists over the years. Kristen stands out as one of the most talented and motivated. She is a flexible practitioner who listens to her clients and designs protocols with which they can be comfortable. She is sensitive to their concerns, both emotional and financial. Her treatment strategies are thoughtful, innovative and include her strong understanding of mainstream medicine.
    — Althea Northage-Orr, MA, CST, L.Ac


Welcome to Kristen McPhee Nutrition & Herbs. I believe proper nutrition, herbs, and supplements can resolve most imbalances of the body. I apply this in my practice by working with whole foods and plant-based medicine and integrating modern science with traditional wisdom to help clients achieve optimum health.