By integrating modern science with traditional wisdom, I provide holistic treatment tailored to each client's specific health and wellness needs. I hold a Master’s of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH)—the only accredited university offering such a degree—and have completed Post-Master’s Certificates in both Clinical Herbalism and Nutrition, also through MUIH.

I have had the privilege of studying under and collaborating with renowned integrative health practitioners from all over the country through participation in the American Herbalists Guild Supervisory Mentoring Program and Rebecca Snow's Mentoring Program. Although formally trained in a variety of areas, I specialize in Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, and women’s health.

I seek to empower clients by ensuring that they are fully informed of the healing process and their choices along the way. When appropriate, I establish open communication with primary care physicians, allowing a cross-examination of complementary and conventional perspectives. I have also undergone extensive training in the safe and effective use of herbal medicines, including potential drug-herb and herb-nutrient interactions.

Prior to starting Kristen McPhee Nutrition & Herbs, I worked with vulnerable populations in nutrition education and urban farming. I spent several years developing and managing an educational farm for the Chicago Botanic Garden and later worked as a Nutrition Educator for the University of Maryland. My own difficult to diagnose health crisis and deep-rooted reverence for nature set me on the practitioner’s path to becoming a licensed nutritionist and herbalist. After a decade away, I have returned to the Midwest in 2015 to begin my practice and set roots within the Madison, Wisconsin community.