Scheduling an initial consultation is the first step for all prospective clients. These sessions are client-focused. Individuals can expect a safe, supportive environment where they can vocalize the reason(s) for their visit and the health and wellness goals they hope to achieve. My role is to simply listen, interjecting only when needed to guide the client or ask for clarification.

We will then discuss any medical conditions and recent lab results as well as your lifestyle, diet, family history, and any other relevant major life events. I will also conduct a nutrition focused physical exam as well as a tongue and energetic assessment through traditional diagnostic techniques. Finally, I will provide my assessment and recommendations including a personalized dietary, lifestyle and supplement/herbal plan to discuss in detail at the follow-up visit.


Prior to Initial Consultation:

Print and complete the appropriate forms below:

E-mail to or bring 15 minutes prior to appointment. 

What to Bring:

  • Medications, herbs and/or supplements

  • Recent lab work